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Planning an Event ?

Planning an Event ?

Planning an event these days can be an overwhelming undertaking.

You’ve invited everyone you know, organised a function venue, splashed out on the catering and yet there seems to be one essential ingredient that is missing.

Ah,the entertainment!!!

And what is a party without live entertainment?

Bored guests for sure.

So where to begin?

There are so many options to consider when it comes to the entertainment aspect of an event.

In fact Bright Midnight Entertainment offers them all so we can’t really be biased towards any one in particular so why don’t we just take a look at some of the more popular choices.

You can then decide what suits you in the end.

A DJ is the heartbeat of any event and even if you are planning a small house party, let’s be honest it’s a far better decision to leave it to the pro’s rather than merely plugging in the IPOD for the night. 

When it comes to bigger events like corporate functions and weddings a DJ should be the obvious choice of entertainment before any other options are considered.

One word of advice though; regardless of whether you are throwing a small party for a few or you are planning a huge company function don’t be afraid to ask the DJ a few questions when it comes to the music and the sound equipment to be supplied.

A professional DJ is required to be well versed in a multitude of music genres and should in fact encourage you to put a song list together of some favourites or must plays for the evening. Ask the DJ what equipment will be utilized, if there will be a microphone for speeches and if dance floor lighting is also provided.

This is even more important when it comes to the planning of a wedding. In fact you should insist on meeting the DJ you intend to book well before the event. All of these factors should be discussed in detail as well as a run through of the event agenda. Even better; meet the DJ at the wedding venue so the set up area can be assessed.

When it comes to live entertainment it doesn’t get more live than a live band.

Obviously a full band takes up a lot of space and they do make a lot of noise so make sure you have the right venue for this type of entertainment. A good tip is also to ensure that the venue has an entertainment licence. You don’t want the cops shutting down your party before it’s begun.

The only downside of a band is that they are most likely limited in the number of songs they can actually play as opposed to a DJ who would carry an extensive music repertoire of which almost any song could be selected and played at any given time. So again, make sure that the band you book can actually play the songs you want to hear.

You might not realise this but a fire dancing show goes hand in hand with the music played by a DJ or a band at any event. The music adds fuel to the fire dancers routine to create an exotic and mesmerising performance. Another word of advice; a fire show should always be performed outdoors for safety reasons. This type of entertainment is ideal for awards evenings and weddings.

So, now you are at that stage where you’ve decided on the DJ or the band you want to have play at your event and you’ve even booked a couple of fire dancers to perform as well. Is there still money left in the kitty? Well, you have the music and dancing covered so how about adding a few laughs into the mix? A great option would be to polish off the edges of your event with a magician or a comedian. We actually call them comedic magicians and some professional MC’s can actually do it all.

And when the big night arrives, what is left for you to do? It’s simple; get a drink, relax and enjoy yourself by leaving all the work to Bright Midnight Entertainment.

by Dr. Radut.