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Disco And Event Lighting For Hire

Disco And Event Lighting For Hire

Bright Midnight Entertainment offers a wide range of options on party lighting, disco and dancefloor lights as well as ambient event décor lighting.

Let us shed some light on the subject…

Very often when it comes to the planning of a wedding, this is the one essential element of the entertainment that seems to be overlooked. The appropriate wedding lighting can create a feeling of soft romance by mimicking the glows of candlelight or a full on party atmosphere with a vibrant medley of colours.
Transform your wedding venue from ordinary to extraordinary with uplighting. You have a near limitless colour palette to select from. The uplight fixtures are placed strategically throughout the room to create brilliant columns of light that beam up the wall or architectural features. Uplights are a dazzling way to tie together your design and décor elements. The photographs taken on the night as well as the video footage will also appear more colourful and vibrant preserving precious memories for years to come.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) LIGHTS ARE BEST
LED uplights are far more superior to traditional uplights. LED fixtures consume far less power than the old fashioned parcans and can be run off a single electrical outlet.
Traditional uplighting fixtures can become very hot and can pose a serious risk of burns especially to small children who like to touch the lights. Our lights remain cool to the touch throughout the event.

There are also, of course, a number of disco lighting options you could consider depending on the type of event or theme of the occasion.
Intelligent dance floor lighting takes DJ lighting to a whole new level giving your event the look and feel of a nightclub or concert. The only limitation of intelligent lighting is your imagination. The patterns speed and colour of the lighting can be controlled creating a far more uplifting experience. Laser lights can often be programmed to give a preset laser show, or move in time to the music.

The disco ball is an iconic party symbol which has been around for decades and will stay the centre of any 70s flashback event for a long time to come.

A black light party is a great idea for your pre-teen’s birthday bash. Black lights are simply fluorescent lamps coated to filter out visible light, allowing through only long wave ultraviolet light. When such lights are deployed in a dark room, the room remains dark but the ultraviolet light reflects off anything white or fluorescent, making these items pop with unexpected brilliance, giving your room a fun, futuristic atmosphere.

A smoke or fog machine is always a fun addition to any party and in combination with a colourful display of moving laser lights can create a surreal atmosphere especially if you are planning a Halloween party.


by Dr. Radut.