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Fire Dancers And Other Dance Acts

Fire Dancers And Other Dance Acts

Bright Midnight Entertainment offers the services of professional fire dancers, hip hop dance acts, African gumboot dance bands and even belly dancers for events.

If you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, a private function, a themed party or even a birthday celebration we can recommend the appropriate dance format for the occasion.

Fire dancing is always a popular choice at corporate functions, awards evenings and weddings. The great appeal about fire dancing stems from human fascination with fire and the inherent danger surrounding it. Fire dancers combine a high degree of technical skill and choreography to mesmerize your guests and take them on an unforgettable journey of light and movement.
Our fire dancers employ the use of a number of instruments to make their act even more impressive including skipping ropes, hula hoops as well as a variety of flairers, whilst incorporating a mind-blowing display of fire juggling, fire eating and fire blowing in the performance.

If you are planning an Arabian themed event, why not add an exotic element to the night by booking a belly dancer. A live drumming act can also be added to take the performance to the next level. Combined, the two acts compliment each other musically and visually and will enhance the atmosphere of your event.

Gumboot dancing was conceived by black miners in South Africa as an alternative to drumming. An African gumboot dance group will unleash energy and rhythm to your event and present a powerful performance of stomping, slapping, clapping and singing.

Have something else in mind? Contact us to get the full list of dancers we have at your disposal.



by Dr. Radut.